The Tortilla Factory

The Tortilla Factory started off as a Sticker Pack App in iOS that lets users text stickers/emojis filled with cultura via iMessages. Now we're expanding into other forms of expressing our pride in our cultura with others. 

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419 Congress Ave.

Austin, TX 78701.



National Museum of Mexican Art

1852 W. 19th street
Chicago, IL 60608


Tortilla Factory /// the soundtrack

Some Music That Is Currently Inspiring Us While We Work.

Blending who we are, what we strive to be, and where we come from, our playlist, like us, is a mixture of our shared cultura.

From Angelica Garcia's beautiful and powerful voice & lyrics in Jicama to Calle 13's love letter to the roots that connect each and every one of us in Latinoamérica.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.